Bellabee Neurofeedback Headband

$199.00 $159.00

The Bellabee Neurofeedback Headband takes all the effort out of training your brain to work for you and produces spectacular results. Because if there’s one thing we humans love – it’s a shortcut that gets amazing results.

Neurofeedback specialists have been using pulse electromagnetic stimulation (PEMF) for years to help their clients retrain their brain. Bellabee lets you achieve the same results on your own time and on your own turf.

  • All-in-one device: over 11 modes.
  • Cheaper than traditional therapy.
  • No on-going costs.

Buy now for $159.00!



Rent to own for only $9.99 a month!

Why decide for rent to own model?

We want Bellabee, the most affordable brain training Neuromodulation device on the market, available to everyone. Our rent-to-own model gives you a chance to test the device with the smallest financial obligation possible.

• Hundreds of reviews from other Bellabee users

• List of specialists offering professional help

• How to use Bellabee in combination with Neurofeedback therapies

With an initial payment of $59 and monthly payments of $9.99 you’ll own the Bellabee by the 12th payment. You can use Bellabee’s pre-set protocols on your own or get one of our listed specialists to help you create a custom therapy program tailored to your individual needs. The Bellabee device can be returned to our warehouse in Texas at any time if you decide you no longer need it.

If at any time you feel that you do not need the Bellabee any more, that the job was done, you can mail it back to us.

Why Bellabee?

Wish you could take your therapist on the go? Imagine you could sleep, relax, concentrate, and meditate with zero effort? That you could sit back, watch TV, and let technology do all the work? Well, your portable therapy-in-a-headband prayers have been answered! Meet Bellabee – the World’s first multi-modality PEMF therapy headband.


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